What is cardio fitness?

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What is cardio fitness?

Cardio fitness, as can be seen from the name itself, is a circuit training designed and created for the well-being of the heart. Circuit training means that during this practice different exercises are performed with specific equipment, done in series and at set times.

What most differentiates cardio fitness from other exercises is not only the use of the heart rate monitor, but also the fact that these are indicated both for the well-being of the heart and for slimming.

heart rate monitor It is useful to remember that an hour of cardio exercises burns 600 Kcal.
How the heart rate monitor works

As previously stated, cardio exercises are performed through the use of a heart rate monitor.

It can be applied in specific parts of the body (fingertips, arms or forearms) or can be installed directly on the handle of the machines (exercise bikes, treadmills etc.) and measures the heart rate simply by placing both hands on the handle.

Before proceeding with physical exercise, proceed with the calculation of the maximum heart rate.

The extrapolated result is the maximum number of beats that the heart performs per minute and above which cardio training is not very suitable as it too fatigues the heart.

The calculation of the FCMax is given by the subtraction 220 minus the athleteโ€™s age.

However, there is also to know that the fitness activity performed during this exercise must take into account the HR in a percentage between 80 and 60%.
The benefits of cardio fitness


The benefits found in the practice of cardio-fitness are innumerable. First of all, they improve the respiratory and cardiovascular system, in addition to dissolving excess fat (and therefore promoting weight loss) and allowing the development of lean mass (muscle mass) and thus toning the body.


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